Do you work with outside authors?

Yes, we are interested in working with networking and IT practitioners and experts to create deeply technical content for Ignition, including courses, instructional videos, podcasts, and white papers.

Please contact Drew Conry-Murray or Ethan Banks if you have a proposal.

Are authors/content creators paid?

Yes. Rates will vary depending on the project, but we will pay authors and content creators to develop material for Ignition.

What's the rate?

It depends. Frankly, we're still figuring out this part. We do know rates will vary depending on the type of content.

For instance, a six-hour deep-dive video course on packet capture analysis will probably earn a higher rate than a 2,000 word white paper, but we aim to compensate authors/content creators fairly and to the mutual satisfaction of all parties.

Is the Community Blog on PacketPushers.net still open?

Absolutely! We welcome and encourage people with something to share to contribute to the Community Blog.

Contact Drew (drew at packetpushers dot net) to get set up as an author.


At the outset of this project we'll  negotiate individually with content creators to make sure everyone's happy. If Ignition grows into a media behemoth, we'll see about formalizing things.

This column is where the legal boilerplate would go, if we had any.

And here's a second column, because you can never employ too many lawyers.


 Stay tuned for helpful instructions for first-time authors and content creators. In the meanwhile, here's a stock photo of  musicians shredding against a backdrop of moody fog and lights.



Want to pitch us on an idea? Just fill in the form and fire away.